What Does An Aviation Lawyer Do?

Who do you call when you’ve been in an aviation accident?

Many people call a regular lawyer, but there is someone better you can contact.

You should always hire experienced aviation attorneys when faced with an aviation legal issue.

Aviation lawyers are, more often than not, licensed pilots.

Some aviation lawyers even have experience working as commercial pilots for major airlines.

A qualified aviation attorney will have hands-on experience in aviation law, making them better equipped to deal with complex aviation practices and regulations.

In the article below, we will look at what an aviation lawyer does.

What Is an Aviation Lawyer?

An aviation lawyer specializes in legal issues related to aviation.

They have hands-on experience in this particular area of the law, so they are better equipped than non-specialized lawyers to deal with these complex aviation issues.

Most aviation lawyers are licensed pilots, giving them expert knowledge in:

  • Aircraft operation
  • Airport security
  • Aviation safety
  • Aviation regulation
  • Rules and regulations governing flight safety

Some may even have experience as an air traffic controller.

Your aviation lawyer will defend you in legal matters related to the Federal Aviation Administration and other agencies on the federal level, like the National Transportation Safety Board.

They may also deal with claims and issues such as the following:

  • Personal injury claims
  • General legal advice
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Wrongful death claims
airplane passengers injured during landing

What Does an Aviation Lawyer Do?

An aviation lawyer can help with two major things; business aviation, like buying or selling a plane, and airplane crashes.

Business Aviation

Business aviation involves the complex processes and transactions involved in the aviation industry.

Financing, purchasing, selling, or leasing an aircraft can lead to financial disputes, requiring litigation and expert representation from an aviation lawyer.

In business aviation, an aviation lawyer can help resolve:

  • Issues with insurance coverage
  • Partnership disputes
  • Airport lien foreclosures
  • Warranty claims

If you plan on buying an aircraft, you will want to work with an aviation lawyer experienced in aviation business transactions.

Your aviation lawyer can help you to structure the aircraft’s ownership and operation so it:

  • Complies with FAA and U.S. Department of Transportation requirements
  • Minimize liability
  • Minimizes taxes while maximizing tax deductions

Aviation Crashes

An aviation lawyer also serves as a priceless resource if you are involved in an aviation disaster.

Your aviation accident lawyer can:

  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the cause of your aviation accident
  • Review accident and incident report to decide the cause of an accident. These reports may include:
    • Faulty equipment
    • Problems with the structure or design of the aircraft
    • Violations of FAA regulations
  • File lawsuits
  • Negotiate settlements

Aviation Law Firms often work with a team of experts to investigate an airplane accident involving airplanes or helicopters.

They may work on cases of aviation disasters all around the world.

In addition to aviation lawyers, teams that investigate these cases can include the following experts:

  • Applied mathematicians
  • Engineers
  • Pilots
  • Other legal experts

What To Ask Your Aviation Lawyer Before You Hire Them

Are You A Member of An Industry-Specific Trial Association?

It’s challenging getting into an industry-related group or trial association.

Lawyers have to have a high level of expertise to be offered membership by such organizations.

Find out if your potential aviation lawyer belongs to any such group.

Will You Handle My Case Directly?

You’ll want to know if you’ll be working directly with your aviation lawyer.

You don’t want your case to be passed on to another lawyer within the firm.

Only the lawyer familiar with your situation should handle your case.

What’s Your Background In Aviation Law?

An experienced aviation lawyer knows what to do in lawsuits involving commercial air travel.

Their inside knowledge of the aviation industry and the federal agencies will prove to be invaluable to your case.

If you’re being prosecuted by a federal agency such as the FAA, you want to work with an aviation lawyer who has worked with the FAA already.

How Will You Handle My Case?

Now two aviation cases are the same.

Circumstances will always be different, and there is no one-size-fits-all defense for every case.

 Your lawyer should be able to tell you what they will do to win your case.

They should know how they will look into the actions of various agencies or people involved in your case.

Ask them how they would analyze the relevant radio communications, radar data, etc.

How Soon Should I Hire An Aviation Attorney?

Don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision about choosing an aviation lawyer and pursuing a compensation claim.

The injuries you suffered during the incident should take precedence over financial issues during this difficult time.

But you do need to know that each state has a statute of limitations or a deadline for lawsuits.

An international flight may be governed by an international treaty that provides its own deadline.

Since it can get confusing and be difficult to determine which deadline applies, you should seek the advice of an aviation lawyer as soon as you can.

If you have to file a lawsuit against a government agency responsible for your incident, you can be subject to extremely short deadlines, sometimes less than one year.

That’s why you should speak to an aviation attorney as soon as possible.

Let Our Aviation Accident Lawyers Go To War For Your Compensation!

Not many things can turn your life upside down like an aviation accident can.

There are physical, mental, and emotional effects on victims and their loved ones.

Thankfully, the expert team at Larry Nussbaum Injury Lawyers can help you through this difficult time.

Operating in numerous states, we have the qualifications and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve for your aviation accident settlement.

We’ve successfully represented victims in aviation cases and are here to offer legal advice and get you maximum compensation.

Schedule a free consultation today, so we can understand your case and provide you with a top-tier aviation accident lawyer.

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