How can you navigate the waters of an aviation-based personal injury case without the assistance of an expert aviation accident lawyer? Air travel is statistically rated as the safest way to travel. However, when an accident happens it often causes catastrophic injuries or is fatal.

Altman-Nussbaum-Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is here to serve those who may be unfortunate enough to be injured in one of these accidents or is a family member of a victim. We are dedicated to ensuring that justice is served, and victims are compensated fairly.

Our Aviation Accident lawyers handle cases for:

  • Discrimination
  • Federal Employers Liability Act
  • Labor Disputes
  • Overtime and Wage and Hour Law
  • Retaliation
  • Unfair Labor Practices
  • Wage and Hour Disputes
  • Whistleblower/Qui Tam
  • Workers Compensation

Most Common Causes For Plane Accidents

History can tell you that aviation accidents occur for a list of reasons too long to cover here. However, three happen more often than the rest. Let’s briefly look at some of the contributing factors below.

What Damages Can You Claim In An Aviation Accident?

Though we may talk about plane crashes as a broad term, the elements that make up each case may differ. Our purpose here is to assist victims in the filing of civil claims against those who may be at fault.

The intention of an aviation accident case is to recover a financial sum for past, present, and future expenses associated with the accident. The types of claims aviation accident victims can get compensation for include the following.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aviation Accidents

First, we advise you to reach out to an Aviation Accident Lawyer with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Cases are unique in nature, and it’s in your best interest to have a consultation to determine where you stand.

Be that as it may, we have heard a couple of questions repeatedly, and we think there is value in covering the responses here.

You could say that this is one of the more critical challenges that a personal injury lawyer has when dealing with airplane crash cases. Determining the responsible party is one of the fundamental building blocks to reaching an acceptable and fair settlement.

We must understand all circumstances surrounding the accident. Sometimes, multiple potential defendants are at play. It could be the air traffic controllers, the pilot, other aircraft employees, the maintenance team, the parent company that owns the aircraft, or a part manufacturer.

Aviation laws are complex, and they require an airplane accident lawyer to navigate them with confidence and experience. After all, such claims are often highly technical and include multiple factors.

Our team understands that you need both general advice and legal guidance during the process of your aviation accident lawsuit. We stand ready, willing, and able to provide both in spades. We can help you understand your legal rights,

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the kinds of potential loss you may be suffering. Our objective is to ensure that we support the law in protecting our clients from those who are to blame.

If you or a loved one was injured in an airplane or helicopter crash, you may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. You need to find an experienced aviation accident attorney to help you navigate this difficult time with legal advice for a personal injury case. These types of cases are typically extremely complex, which is why it is essential to have an attorney.

Aviation accident lawyers typically work on a contingency fee basis. This means they do not charge any upfront fees, and only get paid if they get you a settlement. There is no risk to you if they take your case. If they fail to get you a settlement, you don’t pay anything. We strive to get accident victims and their families the maximum compensation they deserve after an accident.

The general rule of thumb here is to avoid talking to any unnecessary parties before you talk to an aviation accident attorney. It’s imperative to get medical attention as soon as possible, so you may want to call an ambulance.

When physically possible, it also helps to have a police report on file. Beyond avoiding taking an insurance company’s initial settlement offer, it may also be in your best interests to avoid talking to the negligent party’s insurance provider altogether.

What you say can impact the compensation you receive as much as taking an offer can. It’s a common tactic to attempt to get victims to confirm that they are not too badly affected, only to have it used against them later.

Communicate that you are not willing to speak without your attorney, even if you have not yet reached out to one. It stands to reason then that you want to call an airplane accident law firm in the shortest possible order.

Aviation accident attorneys are able to understand and process the evidence and information no matter what type of crash occurred. Every case is handled with care and importance. There can be many different types of cases seen by aviation accident lawyers. Here are a few examples:

-Commercial Airline Accidents

-Helicopter accidents

-Individually Owned- Small Plane Accidents

Corporate Jet Accidents

No matter what type of aircraft you are in, if there was an accident you need an aviation accident lawyer to help get negligent parties to be held responsible and get the compensation you deserve.

The answer to this is often an emphatic no! It’s not impossible for a negligent party’s insurance company to immediately offer a fair settlement to the victim(s) of an aviation accident. Nevertheless, that’s the exception and not the rule.

Regardless of how much care is demonstrated, never forget that an insurance company is a business, and it is likely always going to operate as a business would. Therefore, the aim is to turn a profit, and that means paying out as little as possible.

After a plane crash happens, you’re likely not in the frame of mind to process your situation effectively. Sadly, this is the time when many insurance companies make their move. They appear to be concerned, only wanting to compensate you to help you through.

It is often way too soon to determine the full extent of the damages caused. Additionally, whatever settlement may be offered here often requires you to agree that you can seek no more compensation for the same matter in the future.

The initial settlement is often offered to help the insurance company pay a low amount immediately while protecting itself against having to do a bigger payout later. This is where your aviation accident lawyer will negotiate on your behalf to get maximum compensation.

There isn’t any singular party that is always responsible when an aviation accident occurs. It’s important to understand the parameters of the case before any such judgment is made. Sometimes, the crash happens because of simultaneous failures.

Potentially responsible persons include the ground crew, part manufacturers, the pilot, or even an airline’s parent company. Even if equipment fails, that’s not enough to make an accurate determination.

We often find that we need to review the policies in place and the extent to which they were adhered to. Additionally, any other decisions that may have led to the accident have a big part to play too. Only after carefully reviewing all these factors can an airplane accident lawyer begin to build a case successfully identifying those who can be held accountable.

We’ve been singing the song of ensuring that you have a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer at your side for airplane accident cases. Why is that important?

First, you are not trying to build a case about a car accident. While we would never trivialize the suffering of those dealing with car accidents, aircraft injury cases are quite a bit more difficult to build.

The impact is often more severe, leading to more widespread damage. Therefore, you find that evidence gets obscured. Even those who aren’t professionals can appreciate the need for strong evidence in these kinds of cases.

To reach an appropriate settlement, an aviation accident lawyer must build a compelling case. It’s not a capability to be taken lightly, nor is it one that’s a dime a dozen. You want a law firm that has served clients in many such cases over the years.

Altman-Nussbaum-Shunnarah Injury Lawyers is that law firm. We have been a part of countless settlement negotiations. Even if it should go to trial, we are experts at seeking fair and efficient claim resolutions.

We are a business, but we’re not all about meeting numbers. Instead, we hold the best interests of our clients near and dear. Our team is committed to you, and we have no issue tailoring or legal services to your needs.

The team only uses its experience to inform the way we act in situations and the recommendations we may make. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being blanketed, which strips the uniqueness away from your case. You are at the center of all we do.

If that means navigating negotiations for high-value settlements, then that’s what we’re going to do. Alternatively, if we can see that trial is the best course of action, then we’re going to opt for that instead.

Let Our Aviation Accident Lawyers Go To War For Your Compensation!

Undoubtedly, not many things can turn your life upside down as an aviation accident can. There are physical, mental, and emotional effects on victims and their loved ones. Thankfully, there’s no reason to do it alone when you have the expert team at Altman-Nussbaum-Shunnarah Injury Lawyers.

Operating across the country, we have the qualifications and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve for your aviation accident settlement. We have successfully represented victims in aviation cases and are here to offer legal advice and get you maximum compensation. Schedule a free consultation today, so we can understand the parameters of your case and provide you with a top-tier aviation accident lawyer.