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National 3M Hearing Loss Lawsuit Attorneys

The experienced attorneys at Altman-Nussbaum-Shunnarah have helped clients across the country recover over $750 million.

If you have had a knee arthroplasty involving bone cement, you should be aware that bone cement failure after total knee arthorplasty has been associated with avoidable follow-up knee revision surgery.

Who is at Risk?

If you wore dual-sided Combat Arms Earplugs™(CAEv2) during foreign conflicts between 2002 and 2015 and were diagnosed with or suffer from tinnitus or hearing loss, you may be entitled to Significant Compensation.

If you have experienced hearing loss, Call us Now 1-800-229-7989.

Knee Revision Surgery

Bone cement failure often leads to ‘knee revision,’ a follow-up surgery after a total knee arthroplasty (TKA). While knee revision surgery is typically expected around 15-20 years after the TKA when the original prosthetic device fails, around 50% of the thousands of knee revision surgeries done each year are done within 2 years of a TKA. Many of these early surgeries can be attributed to bone cement failur, exacerbated by additional strain on the joint by a variety of factors. These factors can include obesity or the stresses of athletic/competitive sports.

Aseptic Tibial Loosening

Bone cement failure can lead to a condition known as aseptic tibial loosening. This loosening (called ‘asceptic’ as it is not related to an infection) expresses symptoms localized to the replaced joint including chronic pain and inflammation that affecting the joint’s range of motion and a general sense of knee instability.

Bone Cement Implantation Syndrome (BCIS)

Bone cement implantation syndrome occurs when an individual natural body repsonse to some or all of the bone adherant materials. BCIS is characterized by hypoxia (lack of oxygen), hypotension (low blood pressure) or both. Additional symptoms may include cardiac arrhythmias, increased pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR), and cardiac arrest. Older patients are the most at risk of BCIS, though it does occur in other populations. New information is emerging as the exact cause of BCIS is not yet known.

Defense Contractor Knowingly Put Millions of Service Members at Risk for Hearing Loss

3M Earplug Hearing Loss

We want to help you. If you experienced hearing damage from your time in the military, call our experienced personal injury attorneys today.

Altman-Nussbaum-Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is known nationwide for providing outstanding legal advice and excellent representation. We have recovered over $750 million in lawsuits involving 18 wheeler trucking litigation, wrongful death litigation, commercial vehicle litigation, motorcycle litigation, catastrophic litigation, and mass torts involving medical devices and bad drug litigation. Our prowess in the legal arena comes from our combined years of trial and complex litigation experience.

We founded our practice on the belief that the 7th amendment and the civil jury system is the best means to provide compensation to injured parties and deter wrongdoers from injuring others in the future.

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If you or anyone else who has suffered from addiction after using Abilify, we may be able to help you file an individual lawsuit. We can then pool our research and certain other resources with other attorneys who are working on this multidistrict litigation.

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