Complications from Transvaginal Mesh? Call us at 1-800-229-7989

Have you or a loved one suffered complications from Transvaginal Mesh?
If so, you may be entitled to a cash settlement.
This is very time-sensitive, so call Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys TODAY at 1-800-229-7989.Transvaginal mesh is often used during vaginal reconstruction surgery, typically for women that have given birth and experienced a weakening in the vaginal wall, causing incontinence and other issues. There are many medical problems that can lead to lifelong pain.

Complications Include:

• Erosion of mesh, infection
• Pain, urinary problems
• Recurrence of prolapse
• Incontinence
• Perforation of organs
• Damage and scarring

As you can imagine, transvaginal mesh has done more harm than good. By 2010, more than 70,000 vaginal repairs have been done using transvaginal mesh. Because of so many complications, the FDA released a warning, and many lawsuits have taken place.

Call Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys at 1-800-229-7989 if you or a loved one has had a transvaginal mesh implanted.
Remember that Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C.  is available to answer any of your legal questions. Even if we can’t help you, we can send you to someone who can. Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys specializes in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, social security, truck accidents, work injuries, various injuries/accidents, nursing home abuse and more.Visit or call 1-800-229-7989 for more information.

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