Alexander Shunnarah’s Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Traveling is at an all time high during the holidays. Whether it’s traveling for a family gathering, holiday parties or a much needed vacation. Actually, according to the American Automobile Association, an estimated 43.4 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home over Thanksgiving weekend — and 90 percent of those will travel by car. At Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. we want to make sure you have a safe and fun Thanksgiving. Read our tips below on how to be prepared and travel safely this Thanksgiving. 

  • Plan Ahead: Decide well in advance who will be driving, the route you’ll be taking and when you’ll be leaving to give you ample time to make sure you’re prepared. For example, if you decide to leave late at night make sure you get as much rest as possible before hitting the roads so you can stay awake and alert the entire drive.

  • Pack Safely: It’s easy to pile all the luggage into the trunk when getting ready to travel. However, it’s important to make sure you pack all of your belongings safely. Some questions you should ask yourself before you hit the road is, “Can the driver see through the back?” or “Is there any luggage that could cause damage to someone in the car if we were to get in an accident?” If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we suggest you rethink how your car is packed.

  • Don’t get distracted: Using your cell phone while driving can be deadly. We know that it’s common to get phone calls or text messages that you need to answer before your traveling is over but hand the phone off to a passenger or connect your phone to your car’s bluetooth if that’s available.  If you’re using your cell phone for directions make sure you have it going before you put your car in drive and have it stored somewhere that the driver can see it easily.

  • Watch Your Social Media Use: We know how exciting it can be to get together with your loved ones, but be careful what you put on social media. Announcing your travel plans over social media may make your home a target for burglars. Nowadays burglars use social media platforms as a way to identify homes that are vacant during holidays like Thanksgiving.

  • Leave the Lights On: It’s a simple thing to forget but it could save you from coming home to a house that’s been vandalized or burglarized. If you can’t leave a light on, that’s completely understandable, but find some way to make it look like someone’s home. Maybe get someone to check on the house periodically while you’re gone or install an ADT sign somewhere in the front of your house to scare off potential threats.

There are a ton of things that you can do to help keep you and your loved ones safe this Thanksgiving. We hope these 5 tips will keep your safe this Thanksgiving. If you or a loved one gets into an accident call Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C., our team will be there to help you.

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