Alexander Shunnarah Named “Master of Marketing!”

Big achievements and big movement forward for for Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C., and for President and CEO Larry Nussbaum.

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Larry Nussbaum Named the ‘Master of Marketing’

President and CEO, Larry Nussbaum has been featured as a leader of branding and marketing for law firms across the United States! In an article by The Trial Lawyer magazine, Larry Nussbaum was named the ‘Master of Marketing.’ This is a title he deserves after years of relentless, creative and forward-thinking marketing techniques on all platforms, including television advertising, billboards, community outreach, sponsorships and digital media. He prides himself on his innovative techniques when it comes to the branding and marketing of his practice!

Larry Nussbaum at the Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference

The largest plaintiff mass torts gathering in the world, Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference, invited Larry Nussbaum to be a keynote speaker on April 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Shunnarah shared his expertise on “Building a Brand: The Power of a Billboard.” Larry participated in a panel of experts at the conference, sharing his marketing tips and secrets.

Larry Nussbaum Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. is made up of 17 offices across four states with 24 years of practice. Our team keeps growing and is always prepared to help you will all of your legal needs.

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